Associate Legal Officer Iiim

Under delegated authority, the Senior Legal Officer is responsible for: – supervising and leading a team of lawyers and investigators in the development of the full central repository of information and evidence of IIIMIM. Monitors cooperation with a wide range of sources of information and evidence, including individuals, civil society, UN agencies, states and other actors. Plans and monitors direct investigations to address gaps in IIIM evidence. Ensure that the MIO approach to victims and survivors, including the consideration of sexual and gender-based crimes and crimes against children, is integrated into the iiiM`s collection and investigation work and that due attention is given, where appropriate, to broader transitional justice objectives within existing resources. Ensure that the third party`s collection and investigation work is informed and strengthened by the IIIM`s analytical work.- Oversees and leads a team of legal counsel, analysts, associate analysts and assistant analysts in conducting iiim`s analytical work in support of its case file creation function. To this end, it oversees the IIIM Structural Investigation, which covers crimes committed on all sides, including strategic lines of inquiry as part of the Structural Investigation; and the establishment of criminal records in accordance with criminal standards in order to share them with administrations in accordance with their mandate. Ensure that the IEI`s victim- and survivor-centred approach, including the consideration of sexual and gender-based crimes and crimes against children, is integrated into the IEI`s analytical work and that due attention is given to broader transitional justice objectives within existing resources. Participate as a member of the IIIM leadership team in the overall governance of the IIIM, including budgeting, recruitment, procurement and performance evaluation processes.-Ensures that the investigative and analytical work of the SCAS is conducted in coordination with the work of the IIIM at large, and in particular closely coordinated with a team of the SCAS Senior Legal Officer (support and sharing), and lawyers and analysts, who carry out the work of iiim to share evidence and other documents with actors and generally support the work of actors involved in the investigation and prosecution of crimes in the Syrian Arab Republic in competent national or international jurisdictions. ensure, to this end, that the investigation, investigation and analysis activities of the IIIM are influenced by the needs of the actors of the national or international legal systems that the IIIM wishes to support; and ensures close coordination and integration between the work of CASS and the Information Systems Management Section (ISMS).- Provides authoritative legal and strategic advice to the Chief and Deputy Chief of iiim on highly complex and sensitive operational issues and provides inputs for external communication with key IIIM interlocutors. He is part of the leadership team of the International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism to Assist in the Investigation and Prosecution of Those Responsible for the Most Serious Crimes under International Law Committed in the Syrian Arab Republic since March 2011 (Mechanism). The incumbent will serve as head of the Support and Sharing Division of the Clearing House. It will oversee the support of national, regional and international courts, including through the exchange of information, evidence, analysis and expertise with investigating authorities, law enforcement and judicial authorities, as well as the development of cooperation frameworks with States, international organisations, civil society organisations and other institutions. The incumbent will also contribute to budget proposals and other processes related to the management of the mechanism and will provide important advice to the Chief and Deputy Chief on strategic, administrative and substantive aspects of accountability for core international crimes, as well as on legal issues related to issues of international criminal law and national cooperation and criminal procedure law.

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