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I took a 7 year old computer for repair and the Geek Squad said the card was bad and couldn`t load the windows. Told me if I wanted to give them the computer and they would get rid of it for me and told me to buy a new one, which I did but I didn`t give them the old one. Just to have a friend who works for IBM (should have brought it to him first), but who trusted the geek team, looked at him and he said that they lied to the geek troupe and that he made it work, he said he needed a change of bios and updates from HP. If it was the board of directors, you wouldn`t run. I have been using it again for 2 months now. I think I should be able to get more than a $20.00 credic for a $600.00 computer to which I added a $110.00 SSD drive, and another 8 gigabytes of $50.00 of RAM, so now it`s worth $760.00 for NOTHING. I contacted Best Buy`s main number and NO ONE will help me. I`ve been shopping in this store for 20 years and I`ve probably spent over $7000 and I`m disappointed to say the least. Please contact me at 440-478-2339. I have attached a photo.

On the left is the new one (1 month and a half an old one) on the right is the 7 year old one that doesn`t work and can`t start as they say, but WATCH it works !!!! I think more should be done. I have all my proof of their work and proof of my new purchase. This issue I`m trying to get help with is a purchase I made for a pair of “Elite Active 65T Copper Blue”, order number 1119172270348. Today I picked up my order and when I came home and opened the box, the box was empty. The first set and charging case were not in the box. I immediately returned to the store, about 15 minutes after picking them up at customer service. I spoke to one of your managers, James Diploma, who made other managers aware of my situation. James did some research to find out what happened when they received my package until I picked it up. It took about an hour, then he came back and told me there was nothing he could do after the search and couldn`t accept my return and order me a new set because the box was empty. It almost felt like I was trying to get one out of Best Buy.

He told me to get in touch with the company and see what they could do. I explain to him why I have to call the company because of a problem that I was not to blame. He told me that he would not accept it and that I had to talk to the company and that they could figure out how to replace my purchase. He gave me the number to call and I went to my car to call him. I spoke to the company and they told me that the store is the only one that needs to help me with this problem because it was delivered and ordered in the store. They told me to tell the manager to call them so they could explain the process. I went back to the store to talk to James, but they told me he was gone, but while I was waiting for another manager, he went out right next to me. The employee who gave me your number told me to talk to the customer service manager. I went to see her and she followed the problem with me and I told her that the company had told me to tell them to call her about my problem. She said they didn`t, I explained to her what they told me about them weighing each item and checking if the item was in the box, and she said they didn`t.

She talked to other managers and they said they weren`t calling the company and I asked her if she wanted me to call so she could talk to them so she could hear what they were trying to do. I called them and she talked to them and told them they couldn`t do anything for me because the box was empty (which I received) and no manager would accept it. She returned the phone to me and the lady at the company told me that they couldn`t do anything for me because they are just online help and the store is the one that needs to help me. She also told me that the other choice was to write to the company and explain the problem. At this point, I`ve already spent enough time dealing with poor customer service at both ends, especially your store, as it seemed like they thought I was trying to shoot one at them. I went back to my car and decided to call the company to talk to a manager. I have spoken to a manager and I explain in detail everything that is happening and he asks me to go back to the store so that he can talk to the managers. So I went back and the employee who gave me your information tried to find a manager to help me talk to the guy on the phone and no one was there. He decided to talk to the guy on the phone.

He explained my problem to her because he saw and heard everything and they both agreed that I should talk to you about it. This is the short version of everything that happens. Now I understand why Best Buy seems to mess up everything and everything you come into contact with. In the two years I`ve dealt with them, they`ve managed to ruin everything. All this by the inability to deliver the right dishwasher I ordered. I started by buying a dishwasher for $650.00. Because of all the mess, because people weren`t paying attention. In the end, I had a $1400.00 Bosch dishwasher. Getting a better unit wasn`t worth all the trouble I had to endure. It took them three weeks to finally get it right. Even your Garland store manager jumped on me when I tried to help the IT staff learn something that could increase their sales.

There are too many other examples that I could list. But you know it. I had it with you guys. I don`t want to deal with any of you anymore. Bought a Samsung TV, also bought five years warranty with TV. The TV started making a loud noise, the screen turned black, and it was turned off. The internet stopped working and you couldn`t access Netflix, Hulu, etc. I called Best Buy (April 4, 2019) and filed a complaint and were told that a repair company would contact us to take out and fix the TV. I received an email from Seneca Micronics asking for information about the TV and the issues we encountered. We emailed them information and waited for the parts to arrive, which took more than three weeks. We have made an appointment with Seneca to come on May 6, 2018 to complete the repair. The service man arrived and didn`t have all the parts to finish the repair and took the TV with him and said he had to finish the repair in the workshop and needed additional parts.

I was told that the coins would take 3-5 days to receive and that they would call to bring me the TV. I`ve been calling Seneca almost every day for the past two weeks and I`ve been getting voicemails and leaving a message. I still haven`t received a reminder. I contacted Best Buy and was told that Best Buy couldn`t do anything, I can`t wait to hear from Seneca. My son has been with his TV for over 6 weeks and I still don`t have any answers as to when the repairs will be done, if at all!! I need help, what am I doing to solve this problem??? We have been a member of Best Buy for many years, we were happy to come here because of the excellent customer service. The customer service hasn`t changed, but lately we`ve been very disappointed and devastated by the chain of events we`ve been experiencing recently! On Remembrance Day, we went to the Greek site to get a new refrigerator because ours was no longer working. We worked with Kalie, I think that`s her name.

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