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This mascara from Dior fills all our beauty boxes and a few others. It lifts, lengthens and increases the volume in a single swing for eyelashes that make an impact without bumps in sight. The flexible brush is a pleasure to apply and comes with a crushing hose, so you can apply just the right amount of pigment on the brush to avoid stains. It`s no coincidence that this mascara has reached icon status – it lives up to the hype. It promises to provide intense black volume while lengthening, undulating and separating eyelashes – and it delivers on its promises. The brand behind the iconic bare palettes also makes a very good mascara. No matter how much I build it, the perverse mascara of urban decay never clumps together on me, even if I don`t take the extra time to make my way. The black ink finish and creamy texture cover my eyelashes beautifully without flaking. Ingredients such as sea collagen and honey extract make my natural eyelashes soft and fluffy. “It won`t make your eyelashes clump together in a mess,” says the jazzyreviews critic. “It`s the perfect mascara. My friends and I swear by her. Looking for a mascara that adds all that glamour? According to beauty editor Paige Stables, Wander Beauty`s enhanced eyelash treatment mascara includes working without soiling, discoloring or clumping.

Its hourglass brush is covered with comb-shaped bristles to separate each individual eyelash for maximum resolution,” says Stables. “What`s more, however, is that the black ink is infused with revitalizing peptides and nourishing panethenol, so my eyelashes are conditioned with every stroke.” As the best foundation, the mascara you like depends most on your personal preferences. However, we expect this one to be a winner for the most part. Maybe not for those with smaller eyes, as the brush is relatively large, but if you can handle a larger wand, expect full beats and results. Given how often you should replace your mascara, it`s more often than you think, most of us are in the market for something new a few times a year. This means that it is worth weighing all its weight in gold to find an excellent budget choice. As for the formula, it is a gel emulsion mascara that feels light as a feather. Seriously, it doesn`t feel like we`re wearing mascara and all of our testers agreed that it`s one of the lightest mascaras we`ve ever tried.

You can also build it from soft and subtle to mega-volume without having to worry about lumps or stains. The only downside? It can be difficult to remove it – we recommend using one of the best micellar waters first before cleaning. Our tester shared that the tube is lightweight and comfortable to hold, and that the magic wand is long, so it`s easy to cover any eyelash – even those that are hard to reach at the corners of the eyes. If you`re in the market for a mascara that creates eye-catching eyelashes that can be combined with a bold makeup look — and you`d rather stick to vegan formulas — you can`t go wrong with this one. Applying false eyelashes can be difficult and time-consuming, so finding a mascara that provides the wrong eyelash effect is a good alternative. Packed with hemp-derived cannabis seed oil, this bulky formula covers the eyelashes with spectacular volume while conditioning them and maintaining a soft feel. I may have raised a skeptical eyebrow when I first heard about this magnetic-powered maskara, but here`s the problem: it makes my eyelashes look longer than I thought possible. The secret is an extendable brush with a magnetically charged core that pulls the mineral formula higher and higher, making you feel like you`re wearing mini-extensions. Zigzag hairs strategically prevent clumping and facilitate combing of the formula. The spectacular results remain all day (and all night) without spots. “It`s amazing!!” says Lisamaelove, a critic of “It separates, lifts and lengthens.

Literally a miracle bra for your eyelashes. It can be beneficial to overlay your favorite formulas. If you find something that gives you the length you`ve been looking for for years but don`t pack on volume (or vice versa), brush on a layer of the best lengthening mascara you can find before loading it with the most spectacular choice. Bonus points if the top layer is waterproof! “It`s a great everyday mascara,” says stiles of Rare Beauty`s voluminous mascara. She particularly likes the curved brush, which combines long and short bristles to offer weightless length, volume and curl. “It allows you to build a good and solid punch,” she says. The formula meets the perfect creamy consistency between wet and dry and effortlessly covers your natural eyelashes with a water-repellent formula. It remains defined, even if you build it for dramatic looks. “Or you can wear a coat for a softer eyelash,” Stiles says. Whether you want the best bulky mascara or the best mascara for sensitive eyes, chances are you`re looking for a formula to do a little bit of everything – and do it well.

Too Faced Better Than Sex is an excellent all-rounder thanks to its multifunctional brush with overlay potential. We also love the luxurious look of Chanel Le Volume Stretch, which comes with a sophisticated and flexible 3D printed brush. For a friendly selection, Maybelline Lash Sensational does an incredible job competing with the big guns without breaking the bank. “I`ve learned to accept that my eyelashes aren`t as thick and abundant as the rest of my hair, but I still appreciate a slight improvement,” she says. “The fact is that I have very sensitive eyes, so false eyelashes are a hard no for me. One of the few mascaras that can tolerate my watery eyes is this light formula. A coat is all I need for a natural, ventilated look. For a more dramatic look, two coats do the job without leaving bumps and pieces between my eyelashes.

Sign up for the WWD The Essentialist newsletter to experience the best of beauty and style with in-depth reviews of exciting new releases and buying guides to find the products you need to try as soon as possible. Waterproof mascara is great for a lot of things: resist sweat, stay stainproof on the beach, and hold your mascara firmly against your eyelashes even when you cry. But does the longwear formula mean you`re going to damage your eyelashes? Not really – unless you already have brittle eyelashes that are prone to breakage. I`m still waiting for Rihanna`s new album, but she gave me a great mascara, so I think I can be patient. Fenty`s Full Frontal added volume and length to my makeup look, but what made it a real winner for me was how it feels like my eyelashes are subtly ventilated, almost like I have a few fakes in it. Another victory: Almost all the mascara I try clump me together, but it went smoothly and smoothly. —Perrie Samotin, digital director For a look that requires less maintenance, I love this tubular mascara that doesn`t need a makeup remover (and only warm water and gentle pressure) to rinse it off at the end of the day. This makes it a winner to travel, as I don`t need to pack a separate micellar water or eye makeup remover. If you haven`t been initiated yet: Tubing mascaras, which actually contain polymers that wrap around eyelashes (like tubes), just add the right amount of stretching and thickness. —D.P.

Finding the best mascara for you depends on the natural state of your eyelashes as well as what you are looking for. If you`ve had long curved eyelashes, it may make more sense to opt for a bulky mascara like COVERGIRL Lash Blast Volume mascara. If you want to simulate the appearance of longer eyelashes, look for formulas that focus primarily on prolonging the benefits. If you want a little bit of everything – length, loop, volume – while maintaining a natural look, a choice like ILIA Limitless Lash Lengthening mascara is a good choice. Luckily for us, the main road is full of mascara options to suit your needs. Formulas designed specifically for eyes sensitive to more traditional desires like mascaras that deliver a super long and floating volume, there is something for everyone. When you test mascaras for a living, you tend to give bonus points for anything that makes your eyelashes healthier – so you can proceed with the application and removal of the next 100 tubes.

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