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Whatever your requirements, our experienced remortgage team is here to help you understand the legal procedures and guide you efficiently and quickly through the various stages of a mortgage. Frustrating and a much lower level of service than a professional services firm can unfortunately give no less than one star. ABSOLUTELY DEPERATE. If their internship certificate is revoked. I complain to the Bar Association and the Legal Ombudsman. AVOID THIS LAW FIRM We offer our clients legal advice in all areas of residential and commercial real estate law. Unfortunately, Solex Legal Services Limited does not currently accept new clients through ReviewSolicitors. To help you get expert legal advice as quickly as possible, one of our employees may recommend another highly rated law firm to accept new clients and forward your request to them. They will then contact you to confirm your appointment.

We will also send you an email with the details of the new company. To be avoided at all costs. We were forced to use Solex to take out a mortgage with Lloyds. First of all, the amount of automated documents they sent is excessive for a simple mortgage transfer (I downloaded and responded to over twenty letters/forms from Solex to transfer a mortgage for the same property). Second, and more importantly, while they love to send letters, it`s impossible to communicate with them when you need to talk to them. I wrote to them several times with very simple and precise requests, all without answer and for a month. I also tried to call them six times, and each time I was put on hold for long periods of time, and then inexplicably cut off. I gave up trying to call; It`s not just me, Lloyds stepped in on my behalf and had the same problems when he tried to call.

Third, they are incompetent with the basics. Solex requested a redemption certificate from my current lender 24 hours before my next monthly payment and therefore miscalculated the final balance. A simple problem that needs to be corrected. However, since they didn`t respond to emails or phones, the situation escalated – Solex repeatedly asked me to pay money I didn`t owe to make the transfer – before the deadline. We finally completed the transfer, but only because Lloyds intervened. After the event, I received a sordid apology from Solex with two apologies that show their insincerity to improve it: first, staff shortages. The usual line for companies that don`t care about their service is to offer a temporary staffing problem. This is obviously not a temporary problem; Look at the reviews, they have clearly been running a low-quality service for quite some time. Solex also admitted in writing that they have a backlog of unanswered emails going back four weeks – so it`s obviously a common practice for them. Second, blame our current lender for delays.

An apology is not genuine if it is not sincere. Solex claimed that our mortgage lender had delayed Solex`s receipt of the requested information. Although Lloyds and I hunted for three weeks, we know full well that Solex only asked for the information the day before the deadline and my lender responded immediately. When it`s so difficult to transfer a mortgage (it`s about 10% of the loan value for the same property), I`m afraid to think how complicated things get when a legal situation is slightly complicated and Solex is in charge. We also know that they falsely blame others for their own mistakes when asked to apologize. If you have a choice, do not use Solex. ReviewSolicitors uses data from our community to show you how many clients have used Solex Legal Services Limited and had a satisfactory experience where they indicated that they would recommend the firm`s services to their friends and family. I am a mortgage broker and I hate to deal with this shower for my clients, it would be easier to talk to the dead than someone in the business, emails are ignored and phones go unanswered.

We have applied to lease a mortgage through Halifax, and we have the option of using their designated lawyer, Solex. I would have liked to have paid for mine by now. The process started in November 2021 and is still going on until the point where my mortgage offer has expired and a transaction will cost me an extra 6k per year! The service provided by Solex and Adam Main in particular has been horrible throughout, they don`t respond to emails in a timely manner, often not at all, an average joke lasts more than 45 minutes on the phone and they never answer your call. Appalling. As part of our evaluation questionnaire, we ask auditors questions about the value for money they have achieved through the use of the ABC Act. These questions include: The data presented above is based on client reviews and feedback collected by ReviewSolicitors over the past 12 months. You may want to discover a firm with an established and proven reputation on ReviewSolicitors. “Were you satisfied with the outcome of your case?” ReviewSolicitors uses data from our community to show you how many clients used Solex Legal Services Limited and were satisfied with the outcome of their case. Being satisfied with the outcome of your affair is an important consideration to keep in mind.

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