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Another cost to the company is the time spent – not only in terms of lawyers` hourly rates, but also the fact that preparation, diligence and (in some cases) negotiations related to legal advice contribute to the process of closing the deal. This can be a challenge for companies that need to close a deal on a very tight schedule. Accordingly, the lawyer reviews the security agreement between the debtor and the secured party, confirms that the security agreement is enforced by the debtor, reviews the description of the security contained in the security agreement, determines whether the secured party has a security right in the security right, and ensures that the security right is not excluded by a specific provision of the MSA. and certify that the security right has been made effective against third parties by possession or by registration. In law, a legal opinion in some jurisdictions is a written statement from a judge or group of judges that is attached to an order or judgment in a case setting out the reasons and legal principles for the judgment. In commercial transactions, particularly in the context of financing, the lender requires expert advice on the viability of the borrower and the enforceability of the transaction documents that the borrower must conclude. This type of assessment is generally provided by the borrower`s lawyer or the lender`s advisor, according to the ethical rule that applies to the delivery of these expertises applicable to the jurisdiction. If the company in question is from a foreign country, the opinion is often referred to as a foreign legal opinion. A fairly recent study by the ABA`s Business Law Section on private mergers and acquisitions in Canada shows a sharp decline in the number of legal opinions on such transactions. The study, which covered 64 transactions ranging from $5 million to $100 million from January 2010 to December 2011, showed that the percentage of transactions requiring legal advice from the target company`s lawyers increased from 72% in 2008 to 55% in 2011.

The decline in the comparable study for U.S. transactions was even more pronounced, from 58% in 2009 to 27% in 2011. To be considered a covered opinion under Circular 230, the statement must have a confidence of “more likely than not” or “should”. A taxpayer who receives such an audit opinion is protected from underpayment penalties, even in the event of a negative audit. Because a security right in investment property made effective against third parties by registration is subordinated to a security right made effective against third parties by control, a secured party generally requires legal counsel of the debtor to give notice to the secured party that the security right has been made effective against third parties by both control and registration, and that it is “customary to seek notice and make an opinion that, with control, guarantee The party takes precedence over all other security interests of the Company over investment companies in the same investment property, despite the scarcity of priority valuations for other forms of guarantee. To our knowledge, Optcapital is the only law firm that offers tax advice for law firm deferral and law firm loans. Taxpayers may retain tax specialists (tax lawyers and advisors) to provide an opinion on the validity of a tax-efficient program. The tax advisor follows the protocol provided by the IRS in Circular 230 and drafts a “Circular 230 Covered Opinion”.

The tax advisor will take into account the specific facts of each taxpayer as well as the applicable tax legislation. Despite the increasing effectiveness of due diligence, the fact remains that some transactions require legal advice due to the particular circumstances of this transaction. However, the old habit of seeking the advice of a lawyer as a condition of closing and then letting lawyers negotiate the terms of the transaction at a later date may soon become obsolete. When preparing an expert opinion, the lawyer must take into account who can rely on the expertise. Since the Hedley Byrne case, it has been clear that anyone whose opinion writer knew or ought to have known that he or she would rely on the expert opinion can bring an action against the lawyer if the report was written negligently. The lawyer should therefore insert a restriction that the notice is made available to addressees for their sole use and cannot be made available to another person by them and that no other person can rely on the notice. All opinions relating to securities are subject to numerous restrictions, including the following: Sometimes it is not possible for the person seeking expert advice to adequately inform counsel of the importance of the matter or to provide full access to the required information for reasons of confidentiality. In these circumstances, the expert opinion may contain language limiting the lawyer`s liability. Such an opinion is called a qualified opinion.

If the reservations applied to all the opinions expressed, it was acceptable to state the opinions and then list the reservations in a list or in subsequent paragraphs. In the United Kingdom and other common law countries, a legal opinion also refers to written legal advice on a point of law issued either by a lawyer or solicitor (often referred to as a “lawyer`s opinion”) or, occasionally, by a senior judicial officer, such as an Attorney General. If the opinion is given by a foreign lawyer or law firm, it is generally referred to as “foreign legal advice”. While the use of legal opinion has declined in recent years for many large transactions, particularly those involving government business enterprises, there are still instances where legal advice is required – such as under subsection 13.4(1) of the Insolvency and Insolvency Act, RSC 1985, c B-3 (“BIA”). These rules state that any written advice on transactions whose purpose is to reduce, eliminate, avoid or evade taxes (including income tax, corporate income tax, inheritance tax or gift tax) must comply with certain guidelines aimed at protecting the taxpayer from tax penalties of up to 40%. The expert opinion should be written by a tax advisor who is “familiar with all areas of tax law”. An advisor`s opinion without this background does not protect the taxpayer. Is the legal opinion worth it? While cost-benefit analysis varies from company to company, there are a few basic principles to keep in mind. Not all cases decided by a higher court result in the publication of an expert opinion; In many cases, this is not the case, as an advisory opinion is often only issued when the law is reinterpreted or the matter is an important matter of general public interest and the court wishes to publish the details of its decision.

[ref. needed] In the majority of U.S. cases, judges issue a memorandum decision clarifying how federal or state law applies to the case and upholding or reversing the lower court`s decision. A memorandum decision does not set a precedent or reinterpret the law and cannot be used to justify a decision in subsequent cases. Expert opinion, on the other hand, always determines a certain interpretation of the law. Several areas of business practice require formal legal advice from lawyers. The legal aid scheme in the United Kingdom requires legal advice demonstrating a reasonable chance of success before the Legal Aid Board funds an application. Professional negligence insurance policies often require the advice of legal counsel before the insurer is required to pay for an alleged claim (sometimes called a QC clause if it is to be the opinion of a senior lawyer).

A legal opinion is an official letter from your company`s management consultant to investors that contains the advisor`s conclusions on various legal issues relevant to the company and the transaction, based on the consultant`s review of a defined body of documents and information. Assessments confirming the status of a company are often required for (a) the acquisition of companies, particularly private companies, and (b) when the borrower is involved in a credit transaction. In general, these opinions require the following: A notice under subsection 13.4(1) of the BIA must be given to the trustee. Pursuant to subsection 13.4(2) of the BIA, the trustee must provide a copy to the Superintendent and to any creditor who requests it. The BIA`s notice under section 13.4(1) should contain details of the documents reviewed and the actions taken by appropriate counsel. Investigations typically include a review of the company`s documents (as listed in the company`s register and filed with the company registry), documents prepared for the specific transaction, as well as any relevant filings in all appropriate records covering the search for securities, charges, and similar matters. A management consultant`s opinion is intended to provide investors with additional comfort with respect to the legal issues covered by the opinion, but does not replace the “due diligence” that must be performed by investors and their legal counsel.

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