Yip Definition Usage

The poet E. Y. “Yip” Harburg was as provocative as Hammerstein, albeit with a much less serious and fanciful sensibility. Professional golfer Alena Sharp started having “the yips” every time she tried putt. When Lasso striker Dani Rojas stood in front of the Yips – suddenly unable to determine his normally impeccable penalties – a therapist was called. The crowded audience watched him closely, with an occasional yip, but mostly silently. For some people, however, overcoming crooked, yips or similar problems requires a longer retraining period, Youdan says. Rosete was fully aware of how combat worked on screen before studying with Yip. Tenishev, Edhem (1976), “yip”, in Stroj salárskovo jazyká [Grammar of the Salar], Moscow: Nauka Did you catch the jubilant and shrill yip-yip of the raid or the long-range battle cry of the Cheyenne male? Perhaps from the dialectal yip (“to play like a bird”), from Middle English ȝyppe, probably imitative.

[1] [2] A brindle bulldog, whom Carl had not seen until then, screamed and walked towards the scene of the troubles. Otherwise, all six would say “Yip, yip, yip” in a loud voice. Suddenly, Mr. Gibney was electrically excited by a shrill shout from Captain Scraggs. YIP (YIPS present simple in the third person singular, present participle yipping, past simple and past participle barked).

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